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Apple Repair, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Pro, iMac G5, Power Mac G5/Desktop


PC-Techs Solves Apple Server Problems

Have an Apple server problem? Can't find anyone to fix it? Or can't afford it? Need routine maintenance? No problem. We are a full-service computer repair company located in Bay Area, Ca. We can fix it on our site or yours at a fraction of the manufacturer's costs! We offer verity of services for laptops, servers, and desktop computers; we also provide repair, upgrade, and services in the Greater Bay area for Apple and other branded computers. We provide both in-house and on-site services with our certified, professional technicians and engineers. You can either bring your Apple products to our service center; or at a very reasonable cost, we can send our qualified technicians to conduct onsite services.

The PC-Techs Difference

The difference?

  1. We are local in town. We have a human face you can talk to. We even have a very nice drop off place for us to fix your computers.
  2. We can provide services right away without countless phone calls and waiting. We are responsive, and even provide emergency services. You don't need to jump through many hoops before getting what you need.
  3. We do our own services. We do not depend on third parties with whom we may have never met. The serviced products include Apple iMac. Mac mini. MacBook Pro. iMac G5. Power Mac G5. Desktop. In addition, we also repair Apple laptops and notebooks. We provide routine maintenance and emergency recovery services. We carry a wide range of Apple-compatible parts for upgrades and/or replacements such as hard drives, memory, battery, and CPUs - all at discounted prices.

We can also upgrade your Apple computers by adding more memory, upgrading to a larger hard drive, adding more cooling devices to make your system to run cooler, and upgrading to a more powerful video card. We also provide modification services to add lights and windows to your system.

What We Offer

We offer very competitive prices. After-hour and weekend rates and emergency rates are also available upon request. If needed we can also offer long-term maintenance contracts to maintain computers, servers, and network. Notes:

  1. A flat fee of $99 applies for any required diagnostics. In the event a repair is requested the diagnostic fee is waived and applied fully towards any repair labor charges. For most repairs, this fee covers all charges other than parts. An extra fee shall be added for onsite diagnosis.
  2. How fast a repairing job can be completed depends on the kind of Apple products, complex city of the problem, and availability of parts.
  3. An estimate for the actual cost to fix a problem is just an estimate. The actual cost may be higher or lower.
  4. We do only a limited services and repairs on monitors, and other peripherals. Most of these products are difficult and costly to fix. We would suggest to purchase a new one.
  5. If special parts are needed from the manufacturer, an extra waiting time will be required. We shall inform you of the cost of the special parts before purchasing them for you. Once purchased, such specially ordered parts are not refundable.
  6. Sorry we do not provide free warranty services on behalf of the manufacturer at this time. If your computer or other product is still under manufacturer warranty, please contact your manufacturer for services. All of our services shall be charged at this time.
  7. We can fix most common problems on laptops such as system configuration, battery replacement, hard drive problems, memory problems, plus virus and spyware problems. However, we currently do not provide services to replace laptop motherboards or the screen. If a motherboard is dead, your most feasible solution may be to buy a replacement since replacing a laptop motherboard is extremely expensive.
  8. Apple is a registered trademark of Apple Computer Corp. is not associated with Apple. is capable of fixing most branded systems on the market; however is not an authorized warranty service center for Apple. If you think your computer is still under warranty, we strongly suggest you to contact Apple first

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