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HP Printer Repair



Computer Repair Tech2go is your LOCAL source for FAST on-site HP Printer repair service provider. Call us for quick, quality service repairs and maintenance for your HPLaserJet,DesignJet, or Multi-function Printer

We are your local, HP Service Provider:

  • HP LaserJets, HP Design Jets, HP Multifunctions
  • HP Plotter specialists
  • On-site and Carry-in Depot repair
  • Warranty & Care Pack Service Provider
  • 4-8 hour on-site service response
  • 90 day parts & labor warranty
  • We carry a large parts inventory to insure first visit completion
  • Service Contracts available
  • Complete Preventive Maintenance Cleaning performed on every call

Our employee technicians are dedicated printer techs that have extensive experience and HP training to troubleshoot and maintain the entire line of Hewlett-Packard LaserJet, HP Color LaserJet, HP Design Jet and HP multifunction devices.

Our least experienced technician has a full 5 years of experience working on printers, scanners & multifunction devices (print, copy, fax, scan). Our most experienced technicians have been working on printers (mostly HP) for 8 -10 years.

In most cases we are able to provide same business day or next business day emergency printer repair services. You can check out our maintenance subscription: Monthly Maintenance Subscription Services   

Customer care

Ways to help yourself

At Computer Repair Tech2go we try to make our customer's job easier. At the link above, we have provided a self-help guide which enables you to fix a few things on your own. In instances where you need additional assisitance, we are available to help.

Printer Manuals for HP, Lexmark, Dell

Tray 1 pickup and separation rollers replacement.


Open the right door.


Remove the paper-feed cover.


Remove the multipurpose upper feed guide.


Remove one plastic clip.


Remove the upper roller by sliding it to the right. Rotate the lower roller and then grasp the blue plastic tab and pull the roller off the rod.

Some of the models we service

2684A LaserJet 2000-2684A
2684AR LaserJet 2000-2684A
2684D LaserJet 2000-2684D
2684P LaserJet 2000-2684P
2684PR LaserJet 2000-2684P
2686A LaserJet Classic
2686A-300 LaserJet Plus Printer
2686AR LaserJet Classic
2686D LaserJet Classic Dual Bin
33440AB LaserJet II
33440AR LaserJet II
33440A-T LaserJet II
33447A LaserJet IID
33447AB LaserJet IID
33449A LaserJet III
33449AB LaserJet III
33459A LaserJet IIID
33459AB LaserJet IIID
33459AR LaserJet IIID
33471A LaserJet IIP
33471AB LaserJet IIP
33471B LaserJet IIP
33481A LaserJet IIIP
33481AB LaserJet IIIP
33491A LaserJet IIISi
C2001A LaserJet 4
C2003A LaserJet 4L
C2005A LaserJet 4P
C2007A LaserJet IIP Plus
C2010A LaserJet 4Si
C2011A LaserJet 4Si MX
C2015A LaserJet 4ML
C2021A LaserJet 4M (w/AppleTalk)
C2037A LaserJet 4 Plus
C2039A LaserJet 4M Plus
C2040A LaserJet 4MP
C3082A LaserJet 5se
C3091A LaserJet 6P
C3094A LaserJet 4000
C3095A Color LaserJet 5
C3099A Color LaserJet
C3100A Color LaserJet
C3124A LaserJet 5Si HM
C3134A LaserJet 4pj Printer
C3141A LaserJet 4V
C3141AR LaserJet 4V
C3142A LaserJet 4MV
C3142AR LaserJet 4MV
C3150A LaserJet 5P
C3150AR LaserJet 5P
C3155A LaserJet 5MP
C3155AR LaserJet 5MP
C3166A LaserJet 5Si
C3166AR LaserJet 5Si
C3167A LaserJet 5Si MX
C3167AR LaserJet 5Si MX
C3916A LaserJet 5
C3916AR LaserJet 5
C3917A LaserJet 5M
C3917AR LaserJet 5M
C3932A LaserJet 4LC
C3935A LaserJet 4LJ
C3941A LaserJet 5L
C3941AR LaserJet 5L
C3941B LaserJet 5L
C3941C LaserJet 5L Extra
C3948A LaserJet 3100
C3948AR LaserJet 3100
C3950A LaserJet 5Si NX
C3950AR LaserJet 5Si NX
C3952A LaserJet 5N
C3952AR LaserJet 5N
C3960A Color LaserJet 5
C3961A Color LaserJet 5
C3962A Color LaserJet 5M
C3962AR Color LaserJet 5M
C3980A LaserJet 6P
C3980AR LaserJet 6P
C3982A LaserJet 6MP
C3982AR LaserJet 6MP
C3983A Color LaserJet 8500
C3984A Color LaserJet 8500N
C3985A Color LaserJet 8500DN
C3990A LaserJet 6L
C3990AR LaserJet 6L
C3994A LaserJet 6Lse
C3996A LaserJet 6Lxi
C4076A LaserJet 5Si Mopier
C4077A LaserJet 5Si Mopier
C4084A Color LaserJet 4500
C4084AR Color LaserJet 4500
C4085A LaserJet 8000
C4085AR LaserJet 8000
C4086A LaserJet 8000N
C4086AR LaserJet 8000N
C4087A LaserJet 8000DN
C4087AR LaserJet 8000DN
C4089A Color LaserJet 4500N
C4089AR Color LaserJet 4500N
C4094A Color LaserJet 4500DN
C4094AR Color LaserJet 4500DN
C4110A LaserJet 5000
C4111A LaserJet 5000N
C4112A LaserJet 5000GN
C4112AR LaserJet 5000GN
C4115A LaserJet 5000
C4115AR LaserJet 5000
C4118A LaserJet 4000
C4118AR LaserJet 4000
C4119A LaserJet 4000T
C4119AR LaserJet 4000T
C4120A LaserJet 4000N
C4120AR LaserJet 4000N
C4121A LaserJet 4000TN
C4121AR LaserJet 4000TN
C4138A LaserJet 2100Se
C4139A LaserJet 2100Xi
C4170A LaserJet 2100
C4170AR LaserJet 2100
C4171A LaserJet 2100M
C4171AR LaserJet 2100M
C4172A LaserJet 2100TN
C4172AR LaserJet 2100TN
C4175A LaserJet 3100
C4176A LaserJet 5Si Mopier
C4177A LaserJet 3100
C4198A Color LaserJet 4550 Fuser
C4212A LaserJet 6Pse
C4213A LaserJet 6Pxi
C4214A LaserJet 8100
C4214AR LaserJet 8100
C4215A LaserJet 8100N
C4215AR LaserJet 8100N
C4216A LaserJet 8100DN
C4216AR LaserJet 8100DN
C4218A LaserJet 1100A
C4218AR LaserJet 1100A
C4219A LaserJet 1100A Xi
C4220A LaserJet 1100A Se
C4221A LaserJet 1100 Companion
C4224A LaserJet 1100 Series
C4224AR LaserJet 1100 Series
C4225A LaserJet 1100 Xi
C4226A LaserJet 1100 Se
C4228A Mopier 240
C4228AR Mopier 240
C4229A Mopier 320
C4230A Mopier 320
C4230AR Mopier 320
C4245A LaserJet 6L
C4246A Mopier 320
C4246AR Mopier 320
C4247A    LaserJet 5000LE
C4251A LaserJet 4050
C4251AR LaserJet 4050
C4252A LaserJet 4050T
C4252AR LaserJet 4050T
C4253A LaserJet 4050N
C4253AR LaserJet 4050N
C4254A LaserJet 4050TN
C4254AR LaserJet 4050TN
C4255A LaserJet 4050se
C4256A LaserJet 3150
C4256AR LaserJet 3150
C4265A LaserJet 8150
C4265AR LaserJet 8150
C4266A LaserJet 8150N
C4266AR LaserJet 8150N
C4267A LaserJet 8150DN
C4267AR LaserJet 8150DN
C4268A LaserJet 8150MFP
C4269A LaserJet 8150HN
C7052A LaserJet 3200
C7052AR LaserJet 3200
C7053A LaserJet 3200se
C7055A LaserJet 3200M
C7055AR LaserJet 3200M
C7058A LaserJet 2200d
C7058AR LaserJet 2200d
C7059A LaserJet 2200dt
C7061A LaserJet 2200dtn
C7062A LaserJet 2200dse
C7062AR LaserJet 2200dse
C7063A LaserJet 2200dn
C7064A LaserJet 2200
C7082A LaserJet 3150
C7083A LaserJet 3150
C7085A Color LaserJet 4550
C7085AR Color LaserJet 4550
C7086A Color LaserJet 4550N
C7086AR Color LaserJet 4550N
C7087A Color LaserJet 4550DN
C7087AR Color LaserJet 4550DN
C7088A Color LaserJet 4550DHN
C7088AR Color LaserJet 4550DHN
C7096A Color LaserJet 8550
C7096AR Color LaserJet 8550
C7097A Color LaserJet 8550
C7097AR Color LaserJet 8550
C7098A Color LaserJet 8550
C7098AR Color LaserJet 8550
C7099A Color LaserJet 8550
C7099AR Color LaserJet 8550
C7131A Color LaserJet 5500n printer
C7829B LaserJet 4050 USB-Mac
C8049A LaserJet 4100
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On-site services trip charge is to make the trip to your business $19.99
Plus, On-Site charge per quarter hour. minimum service duration is one hour $19.99

Fees do not include parts, shipping or taxes.

All appointments require 2 hour notice of cancellation to avoid 1 hour minimum charge.

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